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Malo Clinic Trois-Rivières


Malo Clinic’s core expertise, including implantology, includes a wide range of treatments tailored to your unique situation.

Our experienced staff’s human approach, in symbiosis with our state-of-the-art equipment, has been the winning formula responsible for our success since 2010.

Our implantology services:

Malo Clinic Trois-Rivières
Malo Clinic Trois-Rivières


The quest for well-being plays an important role in our lives. Here’s why Malo Clinic Trois-Rivières is offering a wide variety of custom solutions to achieve it.

Our maxillofacial services:

  • Jaw correction
  • Impacted tooth removal
    (wisdom teeth)
  • Smile line correction
    (lip switch)
  • Pre-prosthetic surgery
  • Therapeutic Botox injections for facial pain
Malo Clinic Trois-Rivières
Malo Clinic Trois-Rivières


If your roots are exposed or your gums sometimes bleed, you probably have periodontitis symptoms.

At Malo Clinic Trois-Rivières, our periodontal surgeons specialize in treating periodontal disease with care and attention to detail, ensuring lasting results.

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