and values

Mission and objectives

Malo Clinic Trois-Rivières’ mission is to offer its clients exclusive, quality services in a highly secure environment. The company’s objective is to always meet its client needs for promptness, costs, courtesy and quality.


Malo Clinic values include respect for collaborators, consideration for others, integrity and encouraging its employees to surpass their aspirations.

Management expectations
for employees

To fulfill our mission, it’s essential that all employees adopt a positive, professional and productive attitude. You’ll find direction on how to achieve company objectives below, divided into two distinct but complementary categories: 1) what we offer our employees; and 2) what we expect from our employees. Our values are an integral part of our company and employee culture, and these values will help us maintain good relationships.

What we offer
our employees:

Every employee plays an important role in the success of our company. In order for employees to feel that they are performing their duties successfully, we’ve established the following principles:

  • We strive to help each employee develop qualities that will make them an efficient and enthusiastic member of our team.
  • We treat every person with consideration and respect.
  • We strive to foster equity among employees.
  • We provide a clean, healthy and safe work environment.
  • We pay fair and competitive salaries, taking into account the requirements for each job position.
  • We inform and involve employees regarding changes that may affect them in their duties.

What we expect
from our employees:

  • Personnel must participate in continuous improvement of the company’s work climate and conditions, particularly by achieving organizational objectives.
  • Employees must show sincere interest in their work and must perform their duties successfully.
  • Employees must perform their duties professionally and skillfully, with a positive attitude.
  • When problems occur, employees must attempt to find solutions.
  • Employees are invited to contact the manager concerning problems or conflicts.
  • Employees are encouraged to contact the manager to share sources of success and positive aspects of their work.